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Missionaries to cambridge, on since 2002Beacon Baptist Church

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updates - May 2011

In June 2002, Kitchener Baptist Church commissioned the Wyatt family to establish Beacon Baptist Church in Cambridge, ON.
The church began in a store front, which is where we met for 3 1/2 years. In December 2005, we were able to move to an old United Church building which was no longer being used, where we have been ever since.
The Lord has blessed over the years and we have been able to see numerous souls saved, baptized & members added to our assembly.
We currently have about 40 people who meet regularly on Sunday mornings, with 20-30 on Sunday evenings.

On Wednesday evenings, in conjunction with our Bible study & prayer meeting, we have a children's program. This was started after the HELP campaign came to our church in 2009 & has been a very fruitful ministry. What began with the use of an 8 passenger van, then filled up our 14 passenger bus has now developed into a ministry of picking up 30-40 children with a big bus we borrow each Wednesday from Kitchener Baptist. A number of these children have been saved & are actively inviting their friends to come to Bible Club each week. Each child who comes is given a New Testament, and it is a wonderful thing to see them come to church with their Bible. Please pray for these children as many of their homes are broken to say the least. It is our desire to be able to reach the parents through this ministry and we are seeing that happen in some cases. When speaking to one mother about her daughter coming to Bible club, she asked my wife, "Is it ok if I come to church too?" She came the following Sunday and wept as I preached. She is a Christian, but is untaught, praise the Lord she has been coming ever since and the Lord is working in her life. Please pray for her and her husband. As the children invite friends, the homes become more spread out and it is becoming evident that we need another driver and bus. Right now, I am the only bus driver, so please pray for more labourers in the harvest here. We have also had some bus problems lately - both with our own bus, and the bus Kitchener Baptist allows us to use each week. Praise the Lord that we have seen Him at work through this and have not been left at the side of the road. Please pray for God's provision in this regard - we know that the devil doesn't like people & homes being reached, but the Lord is greater!    

We are currently in negotiations with the United Church to purchase the building we have been renting, as they have asked us if we are interested in doing so. It seems like the cost to purchase it will be similar to the cost of rent, so we are praying that God would give us wisdom as we pursue these negotiations.  Please pray about this with us. We rejoice that we have 3 people scheduled to be baptized soon, please pray for these folks as they follow the Lord in this step.

We have had a few visitors out recently. One lady is a Christian but her husband is not, but we praise the Lord that he came with her to church on Sunday - please pray for his salvation, and her continued growth

Another prayer request is that I would be able to become full time here. Right now, I am working another job 2 days a week to supplement my income. Though I am very thankful for God's provision, it makes life very busy, especially with taking some Bible college courses and raising a family. I am certainly not complaining - God is good, but it would be wonderful to be able to be at the church full time.

On a personal note, God has been very good to our family. We were blessed recently to go on vacation - it was wonderful to be able to relax and spend time together as a family. Jennifer is now a teenager (13) and Benjamin is 11 - they are growing up fast. I am so glad that they willing and able to be involved in the ministries of the church. They are our "bus workers"; play the piano when our regular pianists are away; and help out at our monthly nursing home ministry. Karolyn is kept busy with home-schooling the children; doing the church bulletin & numerous schedules; as well as calling all the children to arrange the bus pick ups for Sundays & Wednesdays.

Thank-you so much for your faithful prayer, support and friendship which allows us to be here. It is such a blessing to know that there are other believers who are standing behind us in prayer and support.

Lord bless,
Chris Wyatt

prayer requests

1. Pray for the children who have been coming to our Wednesday night children’s program. Many struggle because of broken homes, but praise the Lord they are being saved!

2. Pray for the families of the children who come to the Kid’s Program—for their salvation and growth.  

3. The church bus has been breaking down lately—pray for God’s provision and direction.

4. Pray for wisdom as we think about purchasing the United Church building we have been renting.

5. Pray for spiritual growth for our church members.

service times

  • SUNDAY 10am Sunday School Classes
  • SUNDAY 11am Service
  • SUNDAY 6pm Service
  • WEDNESDAY 7pm Bible Study and Prayer
  • WEDNESDAY 7pm Kid's Club


contact information

500 Indian Creek Road West
Chatham, Ontario N7M 5S1
E -mail: mcbc@live.ca
Phone: 519.351.2004