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Missionaries to el salvadorNic & Susan Ruby
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updates - september 2011

A New Addition
August 3, 2011 at 9:45 am, Adelaide Tess Ruby was born into this world, after arriving at the hospital 15 minutes earlier!  She turns three weeks tomorrow, and we have been blessed with a great baby. She is healthy - especially her lungs.  The experience of having a baby in Costa Rica was wonderful. The doctors, hospital sta! , and facilities were excellent.  We even were able to learn some new spanish words through the whole process.

First Trimester Completed
August 12 marked the end to our first trimester in language school. We have learned quite a bit in our classes, but the biggest thing that I have learned is that there is so much more to learn. Suz’s parents and sister came down for a visit this month and they were surprised and pleased at the amount of Spanish that we have learned so far. Her family was a huge blessing while they were here in helping out with Adelaide and the older girls.

Attempted Robbery
Theft is a very common occurrence here in Costa Rica. The Friday before Suz’s family came for a visit, Suz woke up to someone trying to steal a stroller from our front yard. By the time I woke up, the stroller was hanging from the outside of our barbed wire fence - seven feet of the ground. Long story short, the thieves did not have the victory that night, and God protected our
family once again!

Nic & Suz Ruby

prayer requests

1. Nic & Susan begin their second trimester of language school in Costa Rica.  May they learn to speak Spanish well soon!

2. On August 3rd, Nic & Susan welcomed their third daughter, Adelaide Tess.  Praise the Lord for a healthy baby girl!

3. Pray for their eldest daughter, Jocelyn, as she is starting kindergarten soon (also for Eve, Jocelyn’s younger sister who will be mourning the loss of her daily playmate).

4. Pray for Henry to get saved (a man that Nic has been able to witness to a couple of times)

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