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Missionaries to senegal, West Africa, since 2009
Email: joshmead@westafricateam.com


Our English Club is now running every Monday night. On our first night, we had only two who joined. The Muslim holiday of Tabaski is approaching and people are preparing for it (much like we prepare for Thanksgiving). Because of the holiday, we did not see many come out. We believe that after the holiday we will have many more join us. We have a points and reward system in the Club and one of the ways you can earn points is by reading books. While going through our inventory of books (mostly French and Wolof), we came across several English Bible story books. We are excited about using these in the Club to get God’s word into their hearts and minds.

TEAM: We will be having a team of college students join us again next summer. We welcome any who would like to visit for a missions trip here in Senegal. Although French and Wolof are the official languages, teaching English is a great opportunity to make contacts here and share the gospel.

Other News: God has opened a door that may allow us to minister to about twenty Haitian students. Pray that we could be a blessing to this group of young people.

Thank you again for your faithful prayer and financial support,

Josh Mead

prayer requests

1. Pray that the Pat Russell family will raise an additional 30% of support they need.

2. Pray seriously that God would send more workers to this needy part of the world.

3. Pray that God will allow us to learn the Wolof language quickly.  This is a difficult task, but we are learning from a private teacher each day.

4. Pray for the Church.  Although the work has been around for 30 years, the church only has a few members, and it is like starting all over again.

5. Pray that God would open doors to share the gospel in this difficult place.

service times

  • SUNDAY 10am Sunday School Classes
  • SUNDAY 11am Service
  • SUNDAY 6pm Service
  • WEDNESDAY 6:30PM Bible Study and Prayer
    WEDNESDAY 6:30PM Teen Bible Study
  • WEDNESDAY 6:30PM Kid's Club


contact information

500 Indian Creek Road West
Chatham, Ontario N7M 0P4
E -mail: mcbc@live.ca
Phone: 519.351.2004