Harris Family

Missionaries to Welland, ON

Beacon Baptist Church of Welland
119 Division Street
Welland, Ontario  L3B 3G8



Jeffrey Harris was born in Marysville, Ohio, in 1967.  He was born to Christian parents, David and Linda Harris.  Growing up he was the middle child with one brother and two sisters.  On one June day his mother called Jeff into their country home and sat him next to her on a gold loveseat that was in the family's livingroom.  Mrs. Harris gave Jeff the truth of salvation from what he affectionately calls her "big, blue Bible."  That day Jeff accepted Christ as his Saviour.

Jeff grew up in a Christian home, attending church weekly.  After graduating from grade twelve he attend a technical school and earned his certificate in Mechanical Drafting.  He spent five years working for a mechanical engineering firm in Ohio.  He moved on to working in a new field of gas fireplace service eventually starting his own company, Handlebar Harris Services, Inc.  During this time Jeff and his younger sister started a puppet ministry they named the "Feed My Sheep Puppet Ministry."  Through this ministry Jeff started a home study course in ventriloquism.  Jeff volunteered his Sunday afternoons at the local children's hospital cheering up little guys who were stuck in bed.

Jeff surrendered his life to the ministry at a missions conference at the Grace Baptist Church pastored by Pastor Corey Bane.  He left for Bible college in 1997 and there met his beautiful wife, Virginia.  The two were married in Canada and Jeff continued his education.  After graduating with his Bachelor's degree in Pastoral Theology he spent two years serving as youth pastor in his home church.  Jeff spent ten months serving as senior pastor at a church in West Virginia before moving to Canada and founding the Beacon Baptist Church of Welland in 2004.  During the first 5 years of the church Jeff took home study courses and earned his Master of Theology and also his Doctor of Theology degrees.   During this time, Jeff was granted his Canadian citizenship.

Pastor and Mrs. Harris have three children, Luke, AJ and Victoria, and still serve at the Beacon Baptist Church of Welland.

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  • SUNDAY 10am Sunday School Classes
  • SUNDAY 11am Service
  • SUNDAY 6pm Service
  • WEDNESDAY 7pm Bible Study and Prayer
  • WEDNESDAY 7pm Kid's Club


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500 Indian Creek Road West
Chatham, Ontario N7M 5S1
E -mail: mcbc@live.ca
Phone: 519.351.2004