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Terry and Jane Carruthers joined Baptist Mid-Missions in 1984. Terry and Jane are Canadians. They arrived in Brazil on May 22, 1986, through the port of Manaus, Amazonas. It was there they studied Portuguese with a private tutor and completed their language studies in October 1987. 

From 1988 to 1993, the Carruthers worked at the Milho Baptist Church (Igreja Batista do Milho) in the village of Milho, Roraima. The Indians of this village (half Macushi and half Wapixana) built their first building out of sundried bricks with a palm thatch roof.  In 1992-93, the Carruthers built a nice brick building that seated 150. The Indians made enough bricks to build this church, a second church, and a parsonage for a nearby congregation.

At Milho, Terry and Jane worked together with a young man called Abel Ramos. Abel was the pastor, Terry was the missionary, and Jane worked with the children and trained the people to sing in parts. The years that the Carruthers spent at Milho were exciting and fruitful. The church was organized in 1993 with Abel as the pastor. One of the greatest blessings of ministry there was the salvation of a young man called Paulino Raposo. God called Paulino to the ministry, and he had a very successful ministry in another Indian church.  Today he is a missionary to his own people.

From 1992 to 1997 Terry and Jane served the Lord in the Baptist Church of the Island (Igreja Batista da Ilha), in the village of Ilha, Roraima.  This church was started under a mango tree where they held services for a few months until the new believers were able to build a church building. In 1993 the Macushi Indians built their own building out of burnt bricks. As always, the Carruthers sought someone to work alongside them, and they were blessed with Pastor Paulino Raposo. The church was organized in 1994 with Albert Ramos as pastor.  Later, Terry discipled Rangeldo Morais, who was from this village. He became the pastor in 1997 and continues as the pastor of this church today.

Terry and Jane´s third work in Roraima was the Grace Regular Baptist Church (Igreja Batista Regular da Graça), in the subdivision of União, Boa Vista, Roraima. They worked at this church from 1997 to 2006. In Boa Vista, the Carruthers bought several properties for a church and for a parsonage. In 1997 a small building was built which later became a Sunday school building. In 1999, the church parsonage was built, and in 2002-03 they built an auditorium that could seat over 200. This church was started in 1997 in a new area where there were so few homes at the time that someone said –“If it doesn’t work out, you can always sell the property!” Today the church is centered in a large residential area close to a school, medical clinic, and a private university. This work seemed to grow overnight and the Lord gave them a young man by the name of Wellington Cartaxo to work with them. Again Wellington was the pastor and Terry was the missionary. Jane worked with the children and the ladies, taught piano, and helped with the choir. The church was organized in 2004 with Wellington Cartaxo as pastor.

In 2007, Terry and Jane moved from Roraima to Amazonas and started ministering at the Emmanuel Regular Baptist Church (Igreja Batista Regular Emmanuel), in the city of Presidente Figuereido, Amazonas. The Carruthers are living in Manaus as they continue to work at this church today (2009) with David and Grace Kintner.  Terry teaches the adult Sunday school class and Jane plays for the services. 

Terry’s other ministries include: 1. airplane ministry (1991-1995); 2. the Regular Baptist Bible College of Roraima (Seminário Batista Regular de Roraima) (2002-2005); 3. the Bible College Council in Boa Vista (2002-2005); 4. the Regular Baptist Bible College of Amazonia (Seminário Batista Regular de Amazônia) (2007- to present); 5. the Bible College Council in Manaus (2007- present); 6. North Region President (2003-2005 and 2007 to present); 7. Manaus Station President (2007- to present).

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