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By God’s grace; that’s our theme for our church this year. I have challenged our church family to pray that our lives and ministry will become a very evident work of the grace of God.

The highlight for us this month was hosting our first ever revival meeting. Dr. Eldon Martens; a representative of West Coast Baptist College was our guest preacher and he did a tremendous job. His messages were timely, clear, and spirit filled. Because it was our first revival meeting I didn’t know what to expect in regards to attendance and response. But once again the Lord amazed me with His power. The meetings were well attended, the spirit all weekend long was very sweet, and people not only responded to the preaching, but they’re still talking about the meeting. We are now praying that the revival has not ended, but it has just begun and we will see lasting results in the days ahead.

On the family front, Anna will be thirteen on January 27th and she is quite excited about that fact. Leslie remains busy with schooling Anna, teaching Sunday school, and working in the ministry and recently we discovered that she now has a grocery shopping ministry. Let me explain. A couple of the African ladies who immigrated to Canada and attend our church call on my wife quite consistently to take them to the grocery store because they do not drive. My wife graciously takes them; spends a couple of hours in the store with them and then helps them unload all their groceries at home. We chuckled about this, but it does give her time to fellowship with those ladies (one of them not even being saved) and I believe it can be a real mentoring time for those precious ladies. So, would it be proper to ask you to pray for Leslie’s “grocery shopping ministry?”

On a serious note, we know you do pray for us and we want you to know we are so thankful for those prayers. Please always remember that your giving and prayers not only allow us to be here, but they help keep us here as well. We are grateful for you.

The Beliveau Family

prayer requests

1. That our church, Urban Community Baptist Church, will have our soul winning fire kindled, and that we will see souls saved as a result.

2. For the Spirit’s power and guidance as we plan and host a summer Vacation Bible School, a youth rally and various other summer outreach efforts.

3. In June we will be out on the streets distributing tracts and talking to people.

4. The rebuilding of our teen ministry through evangelism, youth rallies and prayer.

service times

  • SUNDAY 10am Sunday School Classes
  • SUNDAY 11am Service
  • SUNDAY 6pm Service
  • WEDNESDAY 7pm Bible Study and Prayer
  • WEDNESDAY 7pm Kid's Club


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